OnePlus 7 Pro update improves camera performance, fixes bugs

As promised no more than seven days ago, OnePlus One is launch over-the-air updates for OnePlus 7 Pro, in which apart from the other things, there is a plan to improve the superior lead camera. This oxygen OS version is 9.5.4 or 9.5.5, yet there is no tension, it is a similar form, whether fabricate numbers are specific due to “late guidelines in the European Union and according to Google’s instructions”, as the organization Has been indicated. .

Revives enhances enhancements for double tap-to-wake as ambient display, while deflecting issues with sound postpones, while deflecting with divers and wearing Bluetooth headsets, and sideways bugs and applies improvements is. The camera relates, fixes the quality of the picture in the updated HDR and low light conditions, in some situations, fixes the white equation in the form of center issues.

You can find the entire changelog below.

Change log :


Wake up and increase double tap for ambient display

There is a problem that causes sound with a Bluetooth headset when making entertainment

Common bug fixes and improvements

The camera

Better picture quality in HDR situations

Better picture quality in low light

After all Fixed white intrusion issue in some situations.

Fixed center issue in some situations

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